Module Repairs

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Module and ECU Repairs

What is an ECU? ECU (Electronic Control Unit) also known as engine management computers that controls engine functions. The ECU controls many different functions on your engine, enabling better performance and fuel economy compared to cars without an ECU. ECU's unit is the heart of the car that ensures that the car works optimally. In the newer models of cars the ECU also has other tasks such as controlling the air conditioning, cruise control and the alarm.

At ECUREPAIRS.ORG, we always want to go above and beyond anything you’ve experienced elsewhere. That’s why we focus on having the best customer service and the fastest turnaround time possible. We keep an extensive inventory of ECMs/ECUs, which includes the most common to the most unique models, even many foreign models. Our highly trained staff specializes in both early models as well as the latest models on the market, and we work to stay at the cutting edge of the industry so we can diagnose and repair any type of module.

We offer services across every automobile brand, including diesel and heavy duty commercial applications. Contact us today to see how quickly we can have your ECU repaired or remanufactured and back in your car.